Bring the best vacation right into your home with these fun ‘staycation’ ideas

What could be better than walking on fine, white sand, and dipping on the beach during summer? What about going skiing on a cold, winter day? Or just heading to the park for a lovely picnic with the family?

While many of us have been longing for a fun vacation, the situation we are in because of Covid-19, makes us think that staying at home would actually be the best option for everyone.

But you don’t have to spend another boring, dull year.! You can actually bring the best vacation activities at home with these ‘staycation’ ideas that you and your loved ones will enjoy!

Camp at home

Camping at home is always a good idea! Not only will the kids love it, but also the adults who are fond of the outdoors. While the forest trees and the rivers won’t be having a cameo, you can always set up tents in your yard or any space in your home that has a nice outdoor view. If it’s a safe and spacious outdoor space, you can also set up a bonfire and prepare yummy snacks and drinks, like marshmallows, sausages, and a hot cup of coffee or chocolate.

Transform your sturdy backyard tree into a small house

This is the perfect treat for kids glued to their games all day. You can transform that old, solid tree in your backyard and create a small tree house where they can spend time in. Better yet, you can ask the kids to help you out in building this house. You get to teach them a skill or two and make memories together.

Once built, fill the treehouse with toys and board games! Make sure to spend time with them in the treehouse every once in a while, so they wouldn’t be on their phones the whole day.

Have a relaxing spa day

Set a pamper day for yourself and your loved ones. Fill your tub with water and drop your favorite bath bomb to make it more special. You can also light up some candles, or throw in some rose petals in the water if you’re feeling a bit romantic. Take a dip as long as you can, and play some soothing music in the background.

After that relaxing bath, grab your favorite mask and feed your skin real good! You can also do your pedicure and manicure sessions which is a fun bonding moment with your family.

Have a virtual out of the country tour

With some travel restrictions implemented in different countries, health and safety requirements need to be presented in case you are planning to go on an out of the country trip. But if you don’t want this kind of hassle and if you are choosing not to risk your health, you can always have a tour right in the comfort of your home.

With the virtual tours readily available online, you can see those famous tourist destinations as if you are physically present. While you cannot feel the air’s breeze, or smell and taste the country’s famous delicacies, you can always plan to travel sometime in the future, especially if what you’ve seen in the virtual tour is something worth experiencing in person.

Host a pool party

Time to free that bikini and swimming trunks from your closet! If you have your own pool at home, you can always host a party with your family as guests! Surprise them with some fun pool decorations and scrumptious meals. You can opt for a boodle fight for that tropical vibe, or a buffet-style meal if you’ve always wanted a luxurious beach resort trip. If you don’t have a pool at home, an inflatable pool will always work. Just unleash your creativity to make it fancy, and make sure everyone is having fun during the party.

Set up a movie night under the stars

While this is not necessarily a vacation activity, many have been missing the experience of watching movies inside the cinema. But instead of catching the latest flick inside a movie house, take your viewing experience outdoors for a more special and romantic movie date with your loved one or family.

Set up a nice spot in your backyard or in your garden, complete with cozy bean bags, comforters, and pillows. Decorate the area with nice lights, and bring out some snacks and drinks you can enjoy while watching the movie. The only things you would probably need for your make-shift cinema screen are a white cloth which you need to hang in front of your watching spot, your good old projector, your laptop or smart device, and a streaming service subscription!

Staycation reminders amidst the pandemic

Given these fun activities that you can do while staying at home, it is still important to be cautious and follow the necessary health protocols even when inside the house. For a safer and worry-free staycation, here are some reminders you can take note of when pulling off these activities:


This is something you should never forget especially during this time. Make sure to disinfect the areas where you will be spending your activity in. Apart from the area itself, you should also disinfect the materials you will be using such as decorations, tools, utensils and everything you would need for your chosen activity. If you have packages arriving from outside, disinfecting is a must.

Keep it intimate

As much as possible, do not invite guests from outside your home to reduce the risk of getting the virus. You can always enjoy your staycation activities with your loved ones at home, plus it will also serve as a nice bonding moment for you and your family. This could be the best time to catch up with each other about things you might have missed, or even plan out your future trips once the situation gets better.

Safety first

Whether we are in the middle of the pandemic or not, you have to make sure that safety is a priority in all the activities you are planning to do. Always have your first aid kit ready, and make sure you have all emergency hotlines in your area.

Make the most out of your fun staycation with your loved ones! Settle your property bills at and be done in no time!