5 Energy-Saving Tips Every Homeowner Should Do

Saving energy means saving money. If you are one of those homeowners that would love to save, even as little as possible, then you definitely want to consider cutting down your energy consumption at home.

Increasing your energy-efficiency at home isn’t really rocket science. You’ll be surprised how simple, yet absolutely helpful, these 5 energy saving tips we have listed down for you:

Pull that plug

When your appliances are not in use, it would be ideal to unplug them, no matter how convenient it is to leave them on standby at all times. We understand if you prefer to just sit down on your couch, grab the TV remote, and watch some Netflix on the fly after a long day at work but that habit comes with a price; one that you can see on your electricity bill.

So if your goal is to reduce energy consumption and save some extra, then unplugging your appliances when not in use can surely be of help.

Set your timer

Most air conditioning units and cooling fans have built-in timers. Setting their timer at night before you sleep so they will automatically turn off post-midnight can reduce your energy consumption. This is ideal since it is normally cool early in the morning anyway.

If you can’t seem to find a timer on your ac or fans, then setting your alarm clock to manually turn them off can be an option. It is still best if you can switch to an AC the runs on inverter compressor as they usually have timers built-in. You can find more info about this on the next tip.

Convert to inverter

You might have seen or heard an appliance salesman tell you about how their fridge with inverter compressors are more energy-efficient than the regular, old ones. Well, he’s right.

Inverter type appliances are 30-58% (or sometimes even more) more efficient in terms of energy consumption. You will be suprised how much you can save when you dispose that old washing machine and replace it with new, fully automatic, inverter one.

Always go for LED

LED lights are much easier to find nowadays. There is no better time to switch your old incandescent bulb installed in your bathroom and kitchen to LED lights, which are not only brighter but are significantly more energy-efficient.

LED lights also tend to last longer than other types of indoor lights. So the next time you find your lights failing you, be sure to go out buy the LED ones.

Let the sunshine in

Nothing beats the benefits of natural lighting to illuminate your home. It’s nice for your skin and it saves you from switching on the indoor lights. While LED can help you big time in saving, natural lights coming in from your window should still be your top option, if available.

You can get yourself some nice white curtain to soften out the sunlight coming in from your window. This diffuses the light, which gives you a nice, softer overall lighting in your home.

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