Experience the future with these uber-smart home devices

Have you heard of a device that can turn your television on even if you’re not at home? How about an outlet that you can control with your phone? Would you like to unlock your door using your phone? Whether your answer is a yes or a no, checking out these newest and coolest home devices will definitely amaze you.

As we welcome each year, more devices boasting its high-tech features and functions emerge, and most actually aim to make people’s lives easier. With these devices readily available, home living becomes functional, smart, and stylish in one. If you want to revolutionize your home with these high-tech items, here are some smart devices that you might want to take to check out.

Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Controller Smart Device

This smart remote does wonders you would not have imagined― it can turn on your devices at home even if you’re away through clicking into an app you have to install in your mobile phone. Dubbed as a “universal remote,” Harmony Elite, which features a touchscreen, works with over 270,000 entertainment and smart home devices from TV, cable and gaming console, media players, smart lights, locks, thermostats, and even Amazon’s AI technology Alexa.

Nest Thermostat

Yes, this is a thermostat for your home which lets you control the temperature by using your phone or your voice. Not only that, you can also set temperature schedules for your heating and cooling system, and monitor your energy consumption. Speaking of Alexa, this device also works with the AI, as well as with Google Assistant, and has remote access via the Google Home app.

Brava Oven

Don’t judge it by it’s name because this device is not just an oven. Brava Oven can cook food in ten different ways from baking, toasting, reheating, and searing among others. It also features automatic cooking presets for the ingredients you have prepared and whatever meal you want to cook. You also don’t have to worry about burning your food, because it has built-in cameras so you can watch over what you are cooking on your smartphone.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

If you are looking for more security at home, this smart lock allows you to open your door by using your smart device and a mobile app. In case you are worrying about other people who would try to get in using their own devices, August Wi-Fi Smart Lock requires a two-factor authentication as part of the set-up, making it more secure than other smart locks. This device also works with AI technologies such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, meaning you can also use these voice assistance to open the door. You wouldn’t have to worry about your phone running low on battery as the smart lock also has digital keys which you can share with your loved ones.

Yeelight Smart LED Bulb

This one is indeed a light bulb like no other, and is one of the smartest of its kind. This bulb has 16 million colors and does not need a hub or bridge. It supports other home systems such as Apple HomeKit, IFTTT, Alexa, Google, and Siri voice commands, and it also has an app that lets you control lighting effects and create schedules for lighting. Also inside this bulb is a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi radio that lets you connect the bulb to your home network and mobile app.

ConnectSense Smart Outlet 2

This outlet instantly transforms your other devices into ‘smart’ ones as you get to control and monitor your power usage with a mobile app. Through pairing the outlet with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant, you can control your home devices such as lamps, fans, and other appliances through your voice. This outlet features two Wi-Fi connected sockets that can be monitored and controlled whenever and wherever you are without requiring a hub, and it also has 2.4 amp USB charging port for fast charging of your devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Perfect Bake Pro

This is a wonder device for foodies out there as the Perfect Bake Pro basically figures out what dish you can make just by inputting all the ingredients you have. This device is dubbed as a smart scale, as it measures all your ingredients and provides plenty of recipes based on what you have. This device, of course, works with the app. Apart from its mentioned functions, you can also auto scale the recipe based on how many people will be eating, or even create a shopping list from the dishes and recipes you want to make. And as smart as it sounds, the bowl can be used to measure your ingredients as you pour the products in and will tell you when you can stop pouring.

Things to consider when buying smart devices

Smart devices are definitely amazing and impressive products that let you do whatever tasks you need to accomplish, easier and faster, and even offer more that its main purpose. But while these products do wonders in your home and for your personal use, there are things that you need to look for when buying these products, considering that these kinds of devices are somewhat pricey.


If you’re buying a smart product, you want to choose a product that serves its purpose well. You should value the money you had to shed for this smart product, so you need to identify its main function and assess if it is something you really need or want. The extra features and the sleek designs should come next, so make sure that the device’s purpose and function is worthy of its price.


Most smart devices require connectivity, so you also need to consider this feature both from your end and from the device’s itself. What you need to do is check if your smart device requires a strong internet connection, Bluetooth, or other form of connectivity. Another option for you, especially if you are planning to buy multiple smart devices, is to get a smart hub such as Amazon Echo and Google Home among others. This will let you simplify and centralize the process of controlling and configuring your smart devices.


If all your smart device has is the design and its high technology features, then you should start thinking twice. Apart from its impressive capabilities, you should also consider its durability. One of the challenges with these devices is that, fixing usually requires experts in case of system failure because of the technology it needs to function well. Thus, make sure you are buying from a trusted brand. Also, keep your device’s warranty so you wouldn’t need to spend much when trying to get it fixed.

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