Get your dream home ready with this useful ‘Moving In Checklist’

It’s the day you’ve been waiting for. Boxes with your things packed inside are everywhere, you’re feeling anxious yet excited, and you’re finally bidding a bitter-sweet goodbye to your old house.

It’s because you are finally moving into your dream home.

The joy and fulfillment of finally getting your hands on the key to your new home is indeed priceless, but the memories you make in it and the actual experience of having your own home is incomparable. It’s fine to get lost in the moment for a while once you’ve set foot in your new house, but keep in mind that there are things that need to be done before you can savor every moment in your dream home.

To help you out, here is a checklist of the things you should do when moving into your new home:

✔ Have a quick tour

This is not only an exciting part of your relocation, but is also one of the important things you should do before anything else. The purpose of this is to know every part of your home including the circuit box, main water valve, switches and outlets, and other areas that you need to know the purpose of. You also need to identify the best spot for exit in case of emergencies, the spots that are unsafe for kids, and other areas that would be useful for situations that you need to be prepared for. Since you still need to get used to your new house, you have to take these things into consideration, especially if the property you have is a spacious one.

✔ Check on what needs to be fixed

After you’ve done a short tour around your home, you might come across some utilities that need to be fixed, or you simply want to change or renovate a few areas in your new home. With this, you need to review your home warranty if you were given one, study its coverage, and file a claim. If you don’t have a home warranty, getting one is worth considering especially for items or utilities that would be expensive to replace. You might also want to bring handy tools like small hammer, some nails, small saw, screwdrivers, and other basic equipment for things that need a quick fix.

✔ Unpack and organize things

This is the point where you would need help from other members of your family or friends. Unpacking your things and actually organizing them in your new home requires a lot of effort and might consume most of your time. In order to save time, unpack the things that are most important first and put them in their respective places. After organizing the important stuff, you can start unpacking the things you need for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and other parts of the house.

✔ Secure your home

Once you’ve finished organizing your things in your new home, make sure that you have the necessary security now that you have transported everything to your new place. Prepare all the door locks you would need, from the main door to each of the bedrooms, your drawers, and other areas where you keep your valuable things. You can also get a security camera installed if you want extra security for your new property. If you’re living in a private village or a subdivision though, some security personnel often roam around the area to ensure the safety of each household within the vicinity.

✔ Update your mailing address

Do not forget to change your mailing address in services you have signed up for. You don’t want your bills piling up, so you would want to prioritize updating your address with institutions that handle your electricity, water, and credit card bills. If you can update your address online, better do it early because some might require you to undergo a process for identity confirmation. If you have your kids with you, better do the same for them and notify their schools about your new address.

✔ Know the rules in your area

If your new property is located in a private village or subdivision, some have a set of rules that residents need to follow. These rules usually involve accepting visitors and guests, proper garbage disposal, car parking, and the use of facilities and services among others. As a new resident in the area, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with these rules and abide them to prevent any kind of conflict with your neighbors or the officers in your village.

✔ Have enough rest on your first night

After a long and tiring day of moving in, you deserve to have enough rest on your first night in your new home. Go grab a glass of wine to celebrate your new property, or have an amazing dinner with your loved ones if you are living with them. After all the hustle and bustle, take a shower and prepare to go to bed. Whether you were able to finish all your tasks for the day or not, you have to get enough sleep. Though you might still have a hard time making yourself comfortable in your new bed and your new room, do what you can to take at least a power nap to prepare yourself for the remaining tasks you still have to accomplish on the following day.

Moving into your new home is definitely not a one-day preparation, but this checklist would serve as your guide in getting things done the fastest way possible. From your first day in your new home, to your first week, up to your first month and the days to come, you will discover more things that you would want to do and achieve for your very own dream home.

While having your new property is like getting your hands in one of your biggest dreams, you have to remember that your property is your responsibility. For you to live peacefully and happily in your dream home, you need to maintain it physically and legally, and of course, fill it with good memories.

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