QWIKWIRE Announces New C-level Promotions

Real estate solutions company QWIKWIRE announced its new C-level promotions in the company, effective last October 1, 2020.

Kenji Yuchengco is QWIKWIRE new Chief Operating Officer and is also the Head of Strategy, Elross John Pangue is leading the business development team as the new Chief Business Developer, while Carlos Refundo Jr. is the new Chief Sales Officer.

Kenji, the strat master

Joining the company last 2019 as a Business Strategist, Kenji looked back at the remarkable efforts he has taken part of and expressed confidence over the company’s future success.

He said: “Over the last year- we have grown both in volume processed and manpower by about 60%, and turned the company profitable with a 2019 $1.7M revenue. The team has proven itself capable of achieving success and is again in a position to do so in the coming years.”

“The company is constantly reaching new milestones and it is just great to be here leading the team and seeing everyone succeed together,” Kenji added when asked about his experience working with QWIKWIRE.

For his goals as the new COO and the Head of Strategy, Kenji shared how he wants to develop the individuals in his team “to be their own leaders.”

Elross, the bizdev champ

Elross, meanwhile, has been with the company for almost five years where he started out as an intern in January 2016 and decided to work full time two months later. He talked about having experienced different challenges such as leadership, skills, and growth challenges but noted a memorable one that he had to face which molded him into becoming a leader.

“One memorable challenge to me is evolving myself to be the leader that QWIKWIRE needs. In the beginning, I was alone in business development but the expansion of my team taught me a valuable lesson in leadership. Which [is] always be humble,” said Elross.

The new BizDev chief added: “You hire great employees to make sure they would do their best work on a specific task. You’re their leader to guide them but not override their own ways/tactics. You trust them that the output will be done. I can say having humility and open-mindedness helped me a lot in most of my challenges here in the company.”

Sharing his vision for the company and his team, Elross said: “My goal for QWIKWIRE is to achieve its goal to be a unicorn, to process more than $1B in yearly volume, and expand the company to other regions and services. My internal goal for the bizdev team is to produce high-achievers that will result into an archetypal norm in the startup industry–similar to the PayPal Mafia.”

Junji, the sales guru

Being the chief sales person, Carlos who is fondly called by his co-workers as Junji, shared the main reason why he decided to work with QWIKWIRE. He said, “I love working on QWIKWIRE. It was the biggest reason why I applied for the sales position. When I saw what QWIKWIRE can offer, I immediately believed that this is a product that I can sell for the rest of my career.”

Being with the company for more than three years now, Junji talked about what his promotion means to him, from working as Head of Sales to stepping up as the Chief Sales Officer.

“Achieving this position is a validation that I have pursued a worthy career path. From where I came from, Sales wasn’t taught in any school,” he said.

The sales chief also shared his plans for his team and how he wants them to learn more efficiently, mentioning what he had to experience to hone his skills in the field. “I learned it the hard way. Through multiple seminars, paid trainings, and most importantly, real world experience. It is something that I do not recommend to anyone in order to learn, that is why I make it to a point that anyone under me will have a much simpler and efficient way of learning and improving their Sales skills.”

What’s in it for QWIKWIRE?

By the end of Q4, QWIKWIRE is predicting a revenue of around US$2.6 million for the whole year which is expected to triple to around US$7.5 million to US$8 million in 2021. By 2023, QWIKWIRE CEO Ray Refundo is expecting to hit US$1 billion in yearly gross volume.

Expansion in Southeast Asia and focusing on real estate is also among the plans of the company for the following years.